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Shape Sorting

Quick, low cost activity to learn shapes and colors. The shapes used are: Star, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond, and Square. Each shape is a different color. You can print out the shapes and laminate them to use multiple times or you can use regular paper and draw the shapes. Index cards are used to write the name of the shape.

The way we use this activity is I ask Teddy to place the index card on the shape that is for example, yellow. I hand him the index card to place on or under the yellow shape. I place tape on the back of each index card so he can just slap the index card on the wall. He loves going up to the wall and slapping the card and yelling the color. I do the same for the shapes.

You can use any combination of shapes and colors.

I will likely order some at home lamination sleeves to use for this activity so it can last longer. Right now, the shapes are on regular paper and over time removing and adding more tape is starting to tear the paper and back of the index cards, but keep in mind we use it almost every day. Either way you choose to use this activity, it is great for learning.

The activity takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. If I start to feel he is memorizing the placement of the shapes, I rotate the shape placement on the wall. Another reason I like this activity is because it is something my husband can do while I am at work to continue the learning process, and it doesn't require a lot of set up or break down. We actually keep these shapes up on the wall in our living room. If you have a play room or the child's room, you can set the shapes up and keep them up.

If you have paper, crayons, colored pencils, paint, markers, index cards, and tape, you have everything you need to do this activity.

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