Hand Puppets: Bunny Rabbits!

Easy, fun activity for toddlers. This craft can be done for any animal but with Easter coming up, a bunny design is great for little ones excited for Easter eggs and the Easter bunny.

Total Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Activity Time: 20 minutes

Design #1-Brown Paper Bag


  • Brown Paper Bag

  • Cut Felt

  • Construction Paper for Bunny Ears and Nose

  • Googly Eyes

  • Cotton Balls for Tail


  1. Using construction paper cut out shape of bunny ears and a full rounded heart shape for the bunny nose. You can use two colors for the bunny ears, we used pink outer ear and white inner ear.

  2. Glue white ear on pink ear

  3. Glue on nose

  4. Glue on cut felt strips for whiskers

  5. Glue on Googly Eyes

  6. Glue cotton balls on back of bag and you have a paper bag bunny rabbit hand puppet!

You can also draw all of these items as well; Eyes, nose, whiskers. Children can color the brown paper bag, use glitter, paint the bag, or cut and glue pieces which is what we did.

Design #2-Construction Paper Bunny Rabbit Hand Puppet


  • Construction Paper

  • Googly Eyes


  1. Take a full piece of construction paper and fold it over on each side to make a long rectangular shape.

  2. Glue this shape so that it holds the shape

  3. Fold that shape in half

  4. Fold one of the 1/2 pieces back on itself

  5. Do the same with the other side, the goal is to get a square shape with pockets

  6. Once you have this shape, start decorating your bunny rabbit; eyes, nose, ears, tongue, whiskers, etc.

  7. Decorations can be drawn on or glued on using construction paper

Have you done this activity with your children? If so, what type of hand puppet did you make?

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