Find the Egg: One game, three ways to play!

I love being able to re-purpose items. I’ve had these eggs and basket since my son's first Easter egg hunt, and re-use them each year. I decided to pull them out and create a fun game for him to learn his alphabet. This game can be played three different ways.

Find the Egg (no alphabet)

Place eggs in the yard or around the house and let your child find the egg. You can place confetti, candy, fruit snacks, or any other item of your choice inside the egg, or nothing at all. Once your child finds the egg, they need to place it in the Easter egg basket, or any other container of your choice as you search for the eggs.

Find the Egg Alphabet

Place a letter of the alphabet in each egg. Place the eggs around the house or in the yard. When your child finds the egg, have them open it up and tell you which letter of the alphabet is inside the egg. Before moving on to find the next egg, have your child place the egg and letter into the Easter egg basket, box or whatever container you have. This helps with "cleaning as you go."

Find the Egg Alphabet/Words

Place a letter of the alphabet inside the egg. Place the egg around the house or in the yard. When your child finds the egg, have them open it up, tell you the letter, and ask them what words start with that letter. Your child may need some help with this, so provide the words to them and exaggerate the sound. Same as above, place the eggs and letters into the basket, box or container before moving on to the next egg.

Either way you choose to play this game, it is a great activity for learning, physical activity, and engagement. Teddy has played the game all three ways and still gets excited each time.

Let me know if you try this game and how it goes for you and your child.

Wishing you Big Fun and Love,

Mommy and Teddy

Items used: Plastic Easter eggs, paper to fold into eggs with letters written on them, container to hold eggs

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