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Alphabet Scramble

This fun game came by accident. When my son was a baby I purchased a soft foam play mat for him when he was learning to crawl. The mats came with numbers and letters that could be pulled out of the mat that was shaped in individual squares like a jig saw puzzle. We decided to keep the mat because it was in good condition and we knew we could re-purpose it.

On this particular day, I was writing letters on a chalkboard easel for my son, and he went to the closet and starting pulling out the alphabet and numbers out of the squares of the foam mat. Initially, like most mom's I was peeved as I was trying to keep him focused on the alphabet. When I looked closer, I saw this was his way of showing me he understood the concept of the alphabet. So,I created a game called alphabet scramble!

How the game works is I will call out a letter or number and he has to tell me what starts with that letter or he has to show me that number of items in the room. For example, I call out the letter "A." He has to tell me what things start with the letter "A." Another way to play this game is to allow the child to choose the letter or number and you (adult) tell them what starts with the letter "A" or show them what things in the room are equal to the number, ex: five.

We have played the game both ways and the 2nd way works best because he is 2 1/2 years old and is still developing his vocabulary. I use this game when he is high energy and does not want to sit down to learn his alphabet. We love this game, and I hope you all will too.

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