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15 Ways to save money with a growing child

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Having a baby is an exciting time. For new moms, we want to buy EVERYTHING! The clothing is tiny, inexpensive, and cute, and we think we need every new gadget on the market. When I was pregnant, my best friend warned me of the cost and expense of having a child. Initially, my main concern was the cost of diapers. My friend warned me of the cost of “buying things because the items are cute” is even worse.

She was right! I soon realized my son was growing out of sizes before he could wear the things we had purchased. I had so many pacifiers, clothing items, and other “gadgets” that we never used; unopened, still in the packaging. Luckily, I am a fast learner, and I quickly started to listen to my friend as her children were a few years older. I started listening to her and learning some things on my own and it has helped me save money, and I want to share some of these tips with you.

1. Buy separates for clothing

I wasted so much money buying outfits. There was always a piece that did not fit correctly; the top was too small, the bottoms too big, etc. I quickly learned separates were the best way to go as I could purchase the specific sizes needed in tops and bottoms.

2. Buy solid colors for clothing

It is fine to purchase cute clothing items with characters, etc. but what I have learned is when the bulk of the clothing items are a solid color or minimalistic, it is easier to coordinate outfits. In the beginning, I would buy pieces and not be able to coordinate them and I would have to go back and try to find things to match. I now find items that are cute, have a character or two on them, or large stripes or sections of a solid color. The colors do not have to be neutral, just basic enough to allow for matching with multiple items.

3. Buy clothing with room to grow

Children’s clothing should fit appropriately, but they grow out of clothing very fast. I started buying a range of clothing sizes to allow for growth. This helped us save A LOT OF MONEY. Instead of buying 14 days of clothing in the same size, we purchase about 60% of his clothing in his current size, and stagger out the remaining in the next size up. Seasonality also plays a part as well.