Shape Sorting

Quick, low cost activity to learn shapes and colors. The shapes used are: Star, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Diamond, and Square. Each shape is a different color. You can print out the shapes and laminate them to use multiple times or you can use regular paper and draw the shapes. Index cards are used to write the name of the shape. The way we use this activity is I ask Teddy to place the index card on the shape that is for example, yellow. I hand him the index card to place

Alphabet Scramble

This fun game came by accident. When my son was a baby I purchased a soft foam play mat for him when he was learning to crawl. The mats came with numbers and letters that could be pulled out of the mat that was shaped in individual squares like a jig saw puzzle. We decided to keep the mat because it was in good condition and we knew we could re-purpose it. On this particular day, I was writing letters on a chalkboard easel for my son, and he went to the closet and starting pu

Lemon Volcano Experiment

Instead of using the tradition ingredients for a volcano like hydrogen peroxide, decided to go this route with the lemon and baking soda. It does not make a huge "explosion" but it is just enough for a toddler to get excited. Also, using different and fun colors help as well. Ingredients used: Lemon Lemon juice Food coloring Dish Detergent (not required) Baking soda Paper towels Old grocery bag Flat tray How to do this experiment: Cut bottom of lemon so it can sit flat on tra

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

Teddy LOVED this experiment. The experiment is simple, so I was concerned he would not get excited by it but he found the amusement in poking at the "dancing raisins." Items Used: Plastic Cup Carbonated Water Raisins Directions: Pour carbonated water into plastic cup Add raisins Watch them "Dance." Have you done this experiment with you child? How did they like it? Comment and share below. #science #scienceisfun #toddlerscienceexperiments #toddlerfun #dancingraisins #learning