Hand Puppets: Bunny Rabbits!

Easy, fun activity for toddlers. This craft can be done for any animal but with Easter coming up, a bunny design is great for little ones excited for Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. Total Prep Time: 10 minutes Total Activity Time: 20 minutes Design #1-Brown Paper Bag Material Brown Paper Bag Cut Felt Construction Paper for Bunny Ears and Nose Googly Eyes Cotton Balls for Tail Instructions: Using construction paper cut out shape of bunny ears and a full rounded heart shape f

Paint, Paint, and more Paint!

Painting is a great activity for children. Painting is expressive and also allows children to practice developmental areas such as fine motor skills, and color recognition. When painting be sure to use washable paint and set up your child's paint area with everything you will need before you start painting. All of the items used above are non-toxic, easy to use, and right-sized for a toddler. Painting makes a quick 15 minute activity for your toddler that can be stretched to