Hand Puppets: Bunny Rabbits!

Easy, fun activity for toddlers. This craft can be done for any animal but with Easter coming up, a bunny design is great for little ones excited for Easter eggs and the Easter bunny. Total Prep Time: 10 minutes Total Activity Time: 20 minutes Design #1-Brown Paper Bag Material Brown Paper Bag Cut Felt Construction Paper for Bunny Ears and Nose Googly Eyes Cotton Balls for Tail Instructions: Using construction paper cut out shape of bunny ears and a full rounded heart shape f

Find the Egg: One game, three ways to play!

I love being able to re-purpose items. I’ve had these eggs and basket since my son's first Easter egg hunt, and re-use them each year. I decided to pull them out and create a fun game for him to learn his alphabet. This game can be played three different ways. Find the Egg (no alphabet) Place eggs in the yard or around the house and let your child find the egg. You can place confetti, candy, fruit snacks, or any other item of your choice inside the egg, or nothing at all. Onc